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Colorado's water quality is at risk and we need your help today! The Colorado Water Quality Control Commission is considering a rule change that would green-light increased pollution in our beloved waterways from mountain streams all the way to the backyard of Colorado's most under-served urban communities. This proposed rule would go against the very premise of the Clean Water Act, which the Commission is tasked with implementing in Colorado. The negative impacts would span across the state, impacting Colorado's outdoor recreation economy, wildlife, drinking water, and our very quality of life. We need the whole river community to stand up to tell the Water Quality Control Commission NO to degrading our beloved rivers and streams.

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We have a unique opportunity to secure long-term protections for some of the most prized rivers and creeks on Colorado's Western Slope. The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison (GMUG) National Forest Unit is revising their forest-wide management plan - which only happens every 20 to 30 years! Through this plan revision process we can protect rivers as "eligible" for Wild and Scenic River designation, thus securing interim protections for these special rivers. To qualify, rivers need to be free-flowing and have at least one Outstandingly Remarkable Value. Input from the public is vital during this process and this is where we need your help! American Whitewater is collecting "love letters" to rivers in the GMUG that we will submit to the Forest Service.

Use this super easy form to submit your letter and tell us what you love about your favorite GMUG rivers! 

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