ElevateHER Film Screening

Thursday May 21st @ 4:00pm

December 1, 2019- Telluride, CO   The WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR presented by Hydro Flask and Helinox, with additional support from KINeSYS and Explorer Chick, is back in North America for its second season! This is the original Women’s Adventure Film Tour, created by Adventure Entertainment in partnership with national nonprofits, and local, female-led groups, such as Naretoi and Outdoor Women’s Alliance.

This short-film, travelling festival is a celebration of the inspiring women from all walks of life, who are doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure.

Currently, the film lineup features an all-star cast of international athletes including, 2-time Appalachian Trail FKT record holder, Jennifer Pharr-Davis, Red Bull cliff diver Rhiannan Iffland, climber Angie Scarth-Johnson, The North Face Athlete Team Captain Hilaree Nelson and many more including women in snow sports, mountaineering and mountain biking. The playlist is refreshed often to keep up with the great content being produced.

Each screening of the WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR features 5-8 short films across 100 minutes +/-. Selected screenings will include emcee introductions, prize draws and Q&A.  

The WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR is exempt from classification, but the films are suitable for the entire family and would otherwise obtain G/PG ratings.

Follow our Facebook Page for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/womensadventurefilmtourUSA

OR, our website:



RMOC Kayak and SUP Instruction

Friday, May 22nd @ 9:00am

Check out these awesome professional tips and tricks presented by top notch instructors!


CO Whitewater Parks and River Surf

Friday, May 22nd @ 10:00am

Join Mike Harvey co owner of Badfish SUP for a chat on CO river parks and board creation.
For the best experience, get the Vimeo app:
Android - https://bit.ly/vimeo_android
iOS - https://bit.ly/vimeo_ios


Elevation Beer Co.

Friday, May 22nd @ 12:00pm

Chapter 1: “Inside Elevation Beer Company”. A virtual tour of our facility guided by brewer Alan Stevens #MoreAlan

Part Deux: “Elevation Beers inside and Out” with manager Andy Astor #LessAndy and Owner/Brewer Christian Koch discussing flagship beers, and upcoming seasonals.

Segment 3: “Elevation Beer Co. Outside” with Erika, Alan, Andy. #GoHigher/  COMING SOON


Whitewater Cocktail Session: with Deerhammer Distillery

Friday, May 22nd @ 4pm

Setup your riverside cocktail game beyond the cracking of a warm beer. The Deerhammer Distillery crew is here to drop knowledge on y’all. Tune in for a live session in which they will be guiding you through strategies to blow minds and impress chicks (or dudes) with some serious crafty libations. All made with Deerhammer whiskey, an assortment of off-the-shelf ingredients as well as some cocktail tools available at CKS.


Amazon Woman: Live Chat and Q&A with Darcy Gaechter

Friday, May 22nd @ 5pm

An extraordinary and inspiring chronicle of one woman’s harrowing journey to become the first female to kayak the entire Amazon River.

Part memoir, part feminist manifesto, Amazon Woman shows what incredible feats we are capable of and will encourage people, especially women, across all backgrounds and ages to find the courage and strength to live the life they’ve imagined.

This 148-day journey began on Darcy Gaechter’s 35th birthday. She sold her successful outdoor adventure business, upsetting her partner and boyfriend of twelve years and getting them both fired in the process. The emotional waters that would fester and erupt on the ensuing journey was often more challenging to navigate than the mighty river itself. With blistering lips and irradiated fingernails, Darcy would tackle raging Class Five whitewater for twenty-five days straight, barely surviving a dynamite-filled canyon being prepared for a new hydroelectric plan. She and her two companions would encounter illegal loggers, narco-traffickers, murderous Shining Path rebels, and ruthless poachers in the black market trade in endangered species. They would plead for mercy at the hands of the murderous Ashaninka people who were convinced that they had come to steal their children’s organs. 

In a desperate attempt meant to give her some pretense of control, Darcy even cut off all her hair before entering Peru’s notoriously dangerous “Red Zone” in hopes of passing for a boy and being seen as less of a target. At once a heart-pounding adventure and a celebration of pushing personal li

mits, Amazon Woman speaks to all of us feeling trapped by our desk-bound, online society. This a story of finding the courage and strength to challenge nature, cultures, social norms, and oneself.

About the Author

Darcy Geachter is the first and only woman to kayak the entire length of the Amazon River. For the past fifteen years, she has been considered one of the world's best female kayakers, leading expeditions in Alaska, Ecuador, Colorado, Idaho, Bhutan, Canada, Nepal and Kenya. A speaker with

the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and the Colorado Whitewater Association, Darcy lives in Colorado..

Unfortunately, this content was not able to be recorded...please check out a copy of Amazon Woman to explore the whole experience!


Chaffee for Chaffee: Virtual Relief Concert

Friday, May 22nd @ 6pm

The Chaffee County Economic Recovery Team, the City of Salida and the Town of Buena Vista are partnering with local event organizations to form Chaffee for Chaffee.  Chaffee for Chaffee is a series of events created to fund relief for full-time Chaffee County creatives and small businesses through physically distanced and socially responsible events.   We understand that creatives and small businesses are not only at the center of what makes Chaffee County so unique but are also very worried about their livelihoods during this unprecedented time.  

In our first effort to garner support, we are hosting a virtual relief concert on May 22 at 6:00 PM streamable through facebook.com/nowthisiscolorado (no facebook account required to view).  Make sure that you grab some dinner from a local restaurant, settle in at home and tune in.  We will present one of a kind mini-concerts from some of Chaffee County’s most talented musicians recorded for this event from their backyard, their front porch, or their favorite hiking destination.  There will be demonstrations by Chaffee County artists as they share their art and unique commercials from many local businesses as a part of the relief concerts.  If you are a local missing your favorite band, a guest that hasn't been able to visit or someone that cares for Salida and Buena Vista; this event is for you. Viewers will be directed on how to donate to the Chaffee for Chaffee Virtual Relief Concert participants through the Salida Council for the Arts during the stream.   We encourage you to watch, donate and share.

For more information contact lindsaysuttonart@gmail.com or diesel.post@cityofsalida.com


Spirit Vertical Run

Saturday, May 23rd @ 9:00am

Just because we can't gather in person doesn't mean we can't come together as a community for competition and a cause! The Spirit Trail Run, like all of the other Paddlefest virtual activities, will benefit eleveteHER, a Bunea Vista, CO non-profit organization focused on empowering girls through outdoor adventure.

The Spirit Vertical Run is broken into three competition categories. Each category is dedicated to one or more of the Collegiate Peaks that tower over Buena Vista. You will have 24 hours from midnight to midnight in your time zone to complete the challenge of your respective category. To be clear, you are running all miles in your local area. Whether on trail or road or stairs, it doesn't matter, just get the climbing in!

All competitors who complete their vertical goal are winners. Winners will be sent a mountain goat trophy with their name and overall elevation gain on it. We have an amazing artist who will be engraving these the Sunday after your race day. Trophies will be shipped out by May 25th and should be received before May 30th. 

The overall female and male with the most vertical gain will earn the grand trophy with their name, elevation gain, and "master climber" trophy, which is a piece of artwork, crafted by a local artist out of beautiful wood.



10th Annual Yucca Classic: Disc Golf Challenge

Saturday, May 23rd @ 9:00am

The 10th Annual Yucca Classic will feature a Men’s Advanced and Intermediate, Women and Youth divisions. The Advanced Men will play 27 holes, Intermediate Men and Women will play 18 holes. There will be a cash payout to the top advanced finishers, all other divisions are playing for stamped event and custom dyed discs.Tee times will be announced once registration closes, 48 hours before hand. Social distancing is required. Cards will be 4 players or less.  
Cost: $20


Fighting to Protect the Arkansas River: A Chat with American Whitewater

Saturday, May 23rd @ 10:00am

Join a live discussion with American Whitewater staff about securing long-term protections for the Arkansas River and fighting multiple mining proposals that would threaten the integrity of our local river.  Learn more about American Whitewater, our stewardship work on the Arkansas, and how you can get involved.


-       Background on American Whitewater and our Southern Rockies Program, which is rooted in the Ark Valley.

-       Mining proposals on the Arkansas River at the Numbers Put in and a quarry expansion near parkdale

-       Update on the Browns Canyon National Monument management plan

-       Update on BLM Resource Management Plan for the Arkansas River

-       Opportunities to take action and get involved


Password for Zoom Meeting:  256483


This Land

Saturday, May 23rd @ 11:30a

Very cool short film on trail running and land conservation.


Jackson Kayak: Live Chat

Saturday, May 23rd @ 4:00pm

Join Clay Wright and Fred Morrison for a stroll down memory lane as they recount Paddlefest's of the past and epic places to play and paddle along the CO tour. Hop on and reach out with any questions!


Famagogo's European Paddling Van Tour

Coming later this summer!

The Holcombe's visited 18 countries and paddled all over Europe from the World Championships in Sort, Spain to creeking in Norway to France’s version of Paddle Fest on the Durance River to expedition Sea Kayaking in Croatia and much more. 

They are excited to share their inspiring family adventures with you later this season. Stay tuned for a live, in person slideshow event!

Get a glimpse and follow their adventures today @ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peterholcombe/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/peterholcombe

Website: https://www.famagogo.com


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