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Competiton Results

Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th

Competitions: Rentals

Triple Crown Challenge

Friday, May 26th - Sunday, May 28th

New for CKS Paddlefest this year. The CKS Triple Crown! An event designed to see who is the best all-around paddler in the world, or at least the Arkansas Valley.
This is a three-stage event, including the Numbers Race, Freestyle Comps, and the Three Rock Splat Challenge. This will showcase who can go fast, look cool and have the most fun going down the river.
The overall winner of the women's and men's classes will not only get their names on a trophy that will forever grace the CKS Main Street shop for all to see (kinda like the Guinness Book of World records but much more fantastic).
Even better...every person who enters an event will get a raffle ticket for each event entered. These tickets will then be drawn for amazing prizes. This means you could get last place but walk away with the best prize from all of CKS Paddlefest.
Most importantly, if you do all three events ~ you will have a fantastic weekend paddling with your friends, alongside many of the best kayakers in the world, and this alone will make you a real winner.
The awards ceremony, prize raffle and pie eating at Christof's Bridge below the BV WW Park at the conclusion of the Three Rock Splat Challenge.

Competitions: Rentals

Pine Creek Giant Slalom

Friday, May 26th @ 5p

Pine Creek Race - A sprint kayak race through Pine Creek Rapid. This race will consist of two individual runs
through the rapid. Contestants will be required to navigate up to 5 slalom gates during their run; these
gates will be placed to steer racers away from potential dangers in the rapid.  Winners will be determined by the fastest run down the
course, best of two runs. Entry to the event will be limited to available parking at the event.

Competitions: Rentals

Freestyle Kayak Rodeo

Friday, May 26th @ 9a  and  Saturday, May 27th @ 12p

Friday - Freestyle Kayak Rodeo @ the Top Hole ~ Buena Vista River Park

Saturday - Freestyle Kayak Rodeo @ the Competition Wave ~ Buena Vista River Park

Registration is on site @ 9a on Friday and 11a on Saturday

Competitions: Rentals

River Surf Competition

Saturday, May 27th @ 10a

We love surfing in Colorado. Let's have some fun in these light hearted river surfing comps for women, men, and kids and showcase some of Colorado’s really fun waves.

Registered contestants will meet at the Staircase Wave at 10a for warmups.  The competition will begin at 11a. We will have open heats of 5 surfers at a time. Each surfer enters the wave and surfs for up to one minute at a time. Once you blow off the wave (or your minute is up) the next ready rider enters. For experienced river SUP and Prone Surfers.

Cost $25-35

Competitions: Rentals

Numbers Kayak and Raft Race

Sunday, May 28th @ 12p

This time-trial race takes place in the Numbers section of the Arkansas River. At 12 PM racers will be released at 1 minute intervals to race a roughly 1.25 miles from Number 1 to the eddy at Number 5.5 on river left, finishing when the bow of their boat crosses the finish line.

Kayakers and Canoeists and Rafters will meet at 11am for check in and race begins at 12pm. Participants must have solid Class IV paddling experience.

One of 5 classes can be chosen - Men's Long Boat (9ft-12ft 6in), Men's Short Boat (under 9ft), and Women's Short (under 9ft), Women's Long (9ft-12ft 6in), R4 Men's Raft and R4 Women's Raft

​Cost: $35 - 40

Competitions: Rentals

Three Rock Splat Competition

Sunday, May 28th @ 3:30p

“Fourth Annual: Three Rock Splat Challenge” under Beaver Falls bridge at the bottom of the BV Whitewater Park, below BV Falls (Also know as Ramsour Bridge).

We will hold a downriver freestyle splat contest where competitors will be challenged to splat the three designated boulders that are below the bridge. Bonus points for impressing the judges by cartwheeling, bow/stern stalling, or any other playful maneuvers in the space between the three boulders. This is the time to be creative and have fun. 

The splat comp will be new and exciting for paddlers and competitors! To enter, you must bring a pie of your choice. The winner will get to splat a cream pie in the face of one other competitor of their choosing. All competitors must agree to the possibility of getting splatted with a pie and promise to happily enjoy this treatment. After the competition, everyone including spectators are invited to a potluck-style pie feast on the bridge. 

Pies can be obtained in BV from: 

Sorelle Delicatessen, City Market, LeGree’s, Loback’s Bakery. 

This is a free event, however, if you want to contribute to the completion of Pocket Wave all proceeds will go to the River Park GoFundMe to help with the rebuild. More information + Donate here

Google map to event location

All Crafts Welcome

Competitions: Rentals

Race to the Grill

Monday, May 29th @ 11:00a

The River Runners’ 'Race' to the Grill is a fun, downriver sprint through the infamous Milk Run (family float section) of the Arkansas River. The race is open to any craft- Kayak, Ducky or SUP.  The race is a one at a time time-trial release down this Class 2+ section of whitewater, beginning at Wilderness Aware and ending at River Runners Grill for an afternoon of relaxation on the sandy beaches of the Arkansas River. Cold beverages and hot tacos will be waiting for you at the River Runners Riverside Grill, just across the the river from the Fisherman’s Bridge boat ramp.

Come out and participate in this fun-filled event! Jr. racers may need to be accompanied by an adult. You will need to be comfortable and experienced in Class 2 + whitewater and have the gear to accompany.

***Drop off boats at Wilderness Aware prior to registration at River Runners, boats and gear should be placed out of the way of vehicular traffic at the top of the boat ramp.

Cost: $15 per racer

Competitions: Rentals

Awards Ceremony

Sunday, May 28th @ 5:30p

Come out to the Ramsour Bridge (bottom of the Buena Vista River Park) to celebrate the participants of this year's CKS Paddlefest competitions. Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded to participating athletes. 

Competitions: Rentals
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